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Neal is a very understanding, kind hearted person. This is the only place I'll ever buy cars from. He's very understanding and isn't out for a paycheck like all other salesmen. Support your small businesses, buy from here. You won't regret it.


Bought a 2004 Mazda Miata from here about a year ago. Everyone there was very nice and they had great prices.


Crazy inventory of vehicles and trucks. Ask for Pressley, he made the buying process easy and non-complicated.


one of the best lots in the area


Large inventory, friendly, low pressure sales folks.


Good people to work with.


I'm grateful!! The vehicle I purchased came with a very good warranty ! The salesman and the owner weee very nice !!! I cleaned it up and put my scent in it .. I'm loving it !!!


So the previous reviews made me a little hesitant to shop from East End Auto (btw, how can Ashland be considered East End anyways?...later found out this is a sister location to the actual East End), but I was really interested in a particular vehicle here for my senior parents. I was looking at a high mileage Toyota Highlander, but I banked on Toyota's reputation of reliability and quality and the Carfax was clean, so I brought my parents here anyways. We met Neal Brigham who didn't pressure us into anything and was very nice and pleasant to deal with from the get go. We don't go to the same church, but getting to know him was like buying from a fellow church member and friend that you know at your place of worship. Hey, that's just my take. In very casual conversation with him, he was open and honest about how the used car business works and where he gets his cars from (some being the local big-box Ashland dealerships, no auctions), what he won't accept and the laws & standards the State of Virginia holds him accountable to (like not being able to perform your own state inspections and placing on your own stickers). We also found out that he is retired HCPD. Thank you for your service!

Anyways, the 204,000 mile Highlander Limited turned out to be solid like a rock and a great purchase for my parents. Neal allowed us to do an independent inspection at our longtime mechanic. Of course, the vehicle was used and had it's typical scratches and light cosmetic blemishes, but the previous one-owner took very good care of it overall. No major dents or dings. Our inspection revealed it may need a tune-up down the road. This is a USED car dealership. I'm not even so sure the cars can be considered 'certified', but you know or ought to know what you're getting into if you decide to buy a 'used' car. They won't be perfect. However, the Highlander drives and looks like it only has 104K miles, not the 204K it actually has.

My parents did their own credit union for financing, so I can't review on that aspect. But the price was very fair and we didn't even bother negotiating; knowing the value of a quality Toyota and plus I already had similar cars on my Auto Trader list for price comparison. And Neal did the small things without hesitation or quibble like a new air filter, cabin filter, and a fix to the oil pan all before taking delivery without a bump up in price.

So, not everything on the lot is a pristine, low-mileage, used Lexus even though there might be a few, but not everything is north of 200K also. If my needs or my family's needs were for a low priced, used vehicle on a budget, I would buy from here again. For what it is worth, I wrote this review 2 weeks after my parents took delivery and all is still well with their purchase.

1 year update (3/17/21): The Highlander my parents bought is still running like a champ. Still no expensive issues or surprises that came up.


These guys are really great easy to work with and they sell quality used vehicles for a buy here pay here place... definitely will be buying another vehicle from them when the time comes...

Mad Hatter

Found a vehicle online at their Richmond location and they were ever so kind to have it transferred to the Ashland lot for me. Neal and Press were most professional, courteous, and helpful.
The whole buying experience; from initial contact to the final signing of documents, was pleasant and smooth.
I got the vehicle that I wanted (which I absolutely LOVE) in remarkable condition, at an unbelievably fair price and I'm most satisfied with my purchase.
Thank You Press & Neal

InKTd Up

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